Essay about Critical Thinking : The Factory Case Study

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Critical Thinking Essay II

The factory case study tells a story about an organization working in a factory. The workers in the factory have a uncomfortable working environment, and some of them have to go to work very early. The manager of production Ken is the leader of them, and the factory supervisor Allen is the leader of the whole organization. Unfortunately their product rate fell down, they produced nothing extra, and even some week’s production lower then the normal rate, only one week’s achieved the normal rate. The production manager Ken can not believe the failure and he believe there was nothing wrong. He got criticized by Allen and he complain about the workers, and one older worker who is married with children called Joe can not stand this and leave the work. The failure of this organization has many internal factors, however, one major factor is the failure of leadership within the factory. An effective leadership is very important for any organizations, because a good leader can establish direction for his/her organization and make the whole organization more efficient. There are many good leadership theories that can be used and applied to this factory’s organization in order to solve the problems and create a more adaptive and efficient organizational leadership environment. This case study will apply the transformational theory to the leadership of the factory during the low production rate period. Then the case study will introduce the transformational…

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