Critical Thinking Assignment Essay

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Critical Thinking Assignment
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APOL 104

I.) In Hinduism, the Question of Origin asks how life began. Not a single specific person can be linked to the Hinduisms origin. The word “Hinduism” is not in the scriptures and this makes it difficult for researchers to determine when Hinduism actually began. Hinduism is a system that “attempts to maintain a complex polytheism on the one hand, and an earth-based worship of nature on the other.” (Hindson & Caner, pg 263) At some point in between Hinduism was born.
The Question of Identity is answered by the Hinduism worldview as everything is spiritual/sacred in life. Some believe “that a man’s soul is eternal and when he reaches a state of Nirvana, their soul
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But no specific person created/founded Hinduism. As Christians, we believe God created the universe and man. So unlike Hinduism, Christians have a specific creator, God, whom we believe created everything and everyone.
The Question of Identity is answered as everything is spiritual/sacred in life. Hinduism believes in reincarnation, which is done by karma. As Christians, we were created to follow God in His wisdom and also we were created to care of animals. Our sole reason we were created was to spread Gods Word, live in Gods ways, and take care of His creations.
In Hinduism, the Question of Meaning is answered by everything is viewed as an illusion. Hindus believe that they will stay in the lifecycle of reincarnation. From a Christian perspective, our purpose and meaning is to establish a relationship with God through worship and prayer. I believe our main purpose and meaning is getting to know God, loving God, and praising Him.
Hindus strive to be in a state of perfection. The Question of Morality is answered by them getting to Nirvana, by releasing all evil doings. Christians base morality on what God has taught us through the Bible and by deciding what is right and what is wrong.
In Hinduism, the Question of Destiny is answered by Hindus believing in reincarnation, where a body is dead and enters a new body. As Christians, we choose our destiny, and make our own decisions where we want to spend eternally, in either Heaven or

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