Critical Thinking And Assignment Instructions

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The following is not an exhaustive list, but it should give you an idea of what is expected of you in this class.
 Support your writing and verbal comments with information and substantial background. Be prepared to make interconnections within a wide range of areas such as articles, supplemental readings, class discussions, and lectures.  Explain your position on issues thoroughly. If you are making an emotional claim like “This really upsets me” or “I love this argument,” explain why you feel that way. Always explain why. Dig deep and come to a better understanding of why you have the emotional reaction you do.  Create your own interpretation or analysis of the text(s). Do not mimic other arguments that don’t resonate with how you think about
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You may come see me during my office hours for additional support.
Blackboard Responses: Cannot be made up.
Writing Improvement Logs: Late writing improvement logs will be penalized a point for every class day the writing improvement log is past due. Each writing improvement log is worth a maximum of ten points.
Late Exit Essay Practices: Except for the Department Exit Essay, late exit essay practices will be accepted. However, you will have to bring the essay during my office hours, so I can return it to you right away. If you cannot make my office hours, we can schedule an appointment outside of my office hours to grade your essay.
Late Conferences: Will be accepted, if you come ask the instructor for more time, and you are genuinely working diligently on your take-home essays.

ACTIVE PURSUIT: In order to demonstrate your commitment to the completion of the course, you must attend class regularly, participate actively, and successfully finish all major papers, essays, writing logs, and exercises. You must also see me for two

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