Critical Reflection And Leadership In Identity Making

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Register to read the introduction… (Valli, 1999) interjects this theory into five types of reflection, further guiding us into a deeper self-awareness. The reading that had the most impact on me this week would have to be critical reflection. To me, critical reflection is interchangeable with critical thinking. I am bombarded with information that requiring on the spot decisions. Through the use of Critical thinking, I make decisions from past experiences, information at hand, and the impact my decisions will have now and the future. On the other hand, critical reflection, is more of a process that allows us to question past experiences, then consider, reassess and analyze those experiences prior to applying them to the current situation.
The information provided in this week’s
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I thought that I had escaped the claws of leadership by becoming an educator, another self-deceptive thought. This course has taught me that the Educator has the most influential leadership position. Being an Educator is my motivation to learning how to be that sound, moral leader I want to be.

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