Critical Media Analysis Essay

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Micaela Flanigan
February 18, 2013

Critical Media Analysis

The advertisement being analyzed is from Amitron and is selling a woman’s watch. The advertisement was found in Marie Claire magazine, which is a publication for women and pertains to topics such as fashion, style, beauty, women’s issues, and health issues. Marie Claire is ranked as number 87 in circulation and 988,418 magazines were circulated as of 2012. The estimated advertising rate for Marie Claire is $79,760. The primary target demographics of the readership are women ages 18 and older. To find publishing information, I referred to Marie Claire’s website and it address the subject matter of the publication. The Gaebler aided in finding information pertaining to
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Diagonal lines have a strong, stimulating effect, and the way the woman’s body is positioned diverts attention from her back to the watch. The other main attribute of the advertisement is the snow. The curvy lines of the snow angel’s wings signify playfulness and movement, which is justified by the woman’s smile. The lines throughout the advertisement are thin and light, which indicates a delicate, timid mood (Lester, 2005). Color can communicate depth and perception and warm-colored objects appear closer than cool-colored objects (Lester, 2005). The only bright colors present are the woman’s clothes, which again, draw the viewer’s main focus to her. The depth of the advertisement is apparent through the snow angels. The shadows around the wings provide another layer of depth, making it appear more three-dimensional. It changes the viewer’s perception, because it is the distinguishing factor between the background and foreground. Since the woman is the focal point, she is framed in the foreground and the snow, the angel’s wings and shadows construct the background.
The style of the advertisement is delicate and feminine. The average woman could realistically relate to the woman in the picture. The dominant connotations of the content are to sell an expensive watch. The underlying connotations of the advertisement sell the ideas of: having more time in the day, having time for enjoyable activities, and a luxurious, carefree lifestyle. The

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