Essay about Critical Logic

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Critical Logic Critical thinking is a skill used throughout a lifetime. Throughout the growth process children begin to formulate ways of getting what they need, and want. When a baby is born it soon realizes that crying will bring someone to them. A toddler that does not want to sleep will figure out a way to get out of the crib. As the growth process progresses the critical thinking skills evolve and soon develop into an individual’s unique logic. Each individual has their own experiences that influence their perceptions. A child growing up in a military family that moves often will probably have a higher adaptability than that of a child who grew up in the same town. Military families are also subjected to many different cultures …show more content…
All of these factors come together to form an individual’s unique perspective. Perception itself is a delicate balance of experiences, opinions, and emotions. That said, there are also factors that can impede ones perception. These factors can come from numerous areas such as the perceiver themselves, circumstances, or the focus. Prejudice is a large influence on perception, in any situation. When a person has a preconception about a particular race, age, or gender, this weighs heavily on that person’s ideas about the situation. Some parents have a particular perception of what parenting is and how it should be done. While some parents feel it is appropriate to send their young daughter to school in a skimpy swimsuit, others may feel this is unsuitable and improper. Others consider it acceptable to be their child’s friend as opposed to being a disciplinarian. When these factors influence an individual’s perception, they in turn begin to influence the critical thinking process. The ability to think objectively is now gone and in its place a lot of assumption. In a certain scenario, an individual’s perception was only a step above an assumption. A 35-year- old babysitter accepted a job watching a young man with autism. The young man was highly functioning but had issues with playing well with others, focusing on

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