Critical Analysis Of Social Media Essay

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Critical Analysis of Social Media

Social media has been used in various contexts to refer to the many forms of web-based platforms and technologies that are used by people globally to interact socially with one another online. Some of the most prominent examples of social media that are commonly used to date are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr and Google +, with Facebook, Youtube and Twitter being the most popular, while Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram LinkedIn being the fastest growing since the year 2014 according to GlobalWebIndex (GWI Device Summary Q3, 2014 Social report). Others include Reddit, LinkedIn, Myspace, and Pinterest. All over the world, the use of social media has been fully integrated into the people’s daily lives through uses such as sharing of business ideas online, dating and communication. Extensive use of the different forms of social media has in many ways influenced the nature of human life in the society today.
Different social networks, especially Facebook facilitates sharing of ideas and interaction among people and this has resulted in the replacement of the face-to-face interaction with interaction over the social networks. According to a study that was conducted in the United States of America by Chicago University, addiction as a result of social media is worse than that which is caused by alcohol. According to Clive Thompson 's text "I 'm So Totally, Digitally Close To You”, people have switched from attending real life events…

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