Crime Prevention Essay

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Crime is an ever-lasting present like death. Crime rate rising is a very serious problem in the country. The role of a police officer is simply to protect the citizens. Police cannot prevent crime from happening they enforce law they cannot predict when or where a crime is about to happen but help reduce crime. Crime prevention is a process to reduce crime in a given area. Therefore citizens should not depend on the police one hundred percent to prevent crime from happening because no matter what a criminal will find a way to commit a crime even when a police is around. The best way to deter crime/Prevent crime is to get citizens involved-citizens can assist the police in obtaining in more Pro-Active role. Example: neighborhood watch- which …show more content…
Which is understandable in the sense that if you hire 200 police officers to work and 95% of them are working at the desk doing paper work I do not think that it will be effective. Police officers are not hired to sit around and look at the computer screens all day, if they scared going out in the community because they going to get killed or shot and won’t be able to go home to their family or they are just lazy to step out of the office then I don’t think that is a right job for them. Likewise if 95% of these officers are out in the city then I think there will be a significant effect on reducing crime.
Radom patrol is also one of the most important way to reduce crime. Visible presence of police officers reduces the chances of a crime happened. The fear of the community of a crime possibly happening reduces. If police are hired to patrol areas randomly but decides to patrol just a certain street that crime do not occur or just answers to a 911 and call that patrolling then I do not think that is effective the effective way for police to reduce crime will be to patrol randomly in different areas or just where majority of crimes happen to make their presence known at will be
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Basically police officers building a relation with their community. If police officers leave their radios and step out of their office or comfort zone to interact with citizens so that the citizens will know or feel comfortable knowing that there are officers around who they can talk to and feel comfortable reporting a crime they witnessed or a

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