Essay on Credo on Humanity

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Credo on Humanity Psalm 8 tells us that God created mankind and crowned him with glory and honor. Genesis 1 and 2 tells us that God created Adam and Eve in his own image, breathing life into them. While not fully understood, we know that being created in God’s image makes us responsible for our actions, have the ability to conscious living, have relationships and make covenants, and have the capability of worshiping our creator. Humans are relational beings. God knew that man should not be alone (Genesis 2:18) and needed to be in relationship with another human being. Adam was surrounded with God’s creation and even in a personal relationship with his creator, but God had planted a need for him to be in relation with other human …show more content…
The saints will be given new bodies after Christ’s return (1 Corinthians 15:35ff). The spirit is the part of the human make-up that allows us to be in communion with God (John 14:23). I believe that was what was mentioned in Genesis 2:7 and what died immediately at the fall. The dead spirit leaves the ‘hole’ that mankind seeks to fill – often with idolatry and self-worship. I believe that when one is saved, the giving of the Holy Spirit brings the spirit back to life and rids us of our sinful nature. The Anthropological Movement gives us hope. We see in the Age of Innocence how mankind originally had the ability to not sin and not die but how that was destroyed at the fall. The Age of Responsibility shows us how humans are not able to not sin and that they will die, producing a need for a savior. The Age of Community/Mission shows us how Christ’s gift of salvation provides mankind, through Him, the ability to not sin, yet we must still die physically. The Age of Fulfillment gives us hope in knowing that, after Christ’s triumphant return, humans who have given their lives to Christ will no longer sin nor die. The movement reminds us that we will be restored to what God’s original intent for mankind was, and that it is to be accomplished through

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