Creativity and Innovation Assignment: Strategies for Improvement

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Nowadays, successful business innovations and creative activities are increasingly recognized as key drivers of economic development. Creativity takes difference forms at different times and in different places. From vision to create new products, business models or process to recognition system for teams to take experiment, or even as simple as free expression and acceptance of different points of view, can contribute to successful growth driven business innovations. Take Oticon’s case for example, the change of company direction and structure, the redefinition of company human value and result from the implementation of the strategy are the essential keys to its success. Furthermore, this essay is going to discuss the
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And time proves Kolind is right again. In the following few years, not only the subsidiaries but many supplies have replicated the arrangements in headquarter. Even after Kolind’s resignation, the company operates better than ever.

Oticon’s approach can certainly be replicated in Beijing, or any other places in the world. However, it should not be blind to cultural sensitivity.
The Chinese economy has been shifting quickly from a predominantly industrial agricultural model of production, to one where the services sector is more in evidence. Nonetheless, China’s overall economic status and global positioning remains in debate. As the capital of China, Beijing has been the political center of China over centuries. The theories of creativity – personality is more popular in China hence not everybody would be open to creative acts. People value the organization hierarchy and believe it is the most efficient way to run a business. Employees would have a more difficult time with adjusting the loss of routine and clear authority relationships. With the high pressure to achieve and do more for less, it is possible that one may fail to get the support of key personnel in the organization. Furthermore, when it comes to dealing with external parties, the

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