Daniel The Giant Danio: Short Story

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Daniel the Giant Danio Introduction
Daniel. What kind of name is that for a fish? A Great one. Oh well. I guess that's the story we're going with. I guess. Anyway, Daniel is a Great big fat Danio which is basically a type of fish that's pretty huge. 5 inches. Big Whoop. Eh, I kinda agree that's not so BIG. Ya know what? I'm done for the Intro. I'll let Kirby take over the next gosh darn part.Who says I'm writing the next part? Fine then. I'll do it.

Daniel was in his tank at the pet store. No one wanted to buy him, well, cuz, you know. It's not every day that you buy a 5 inch long fish. Duh. Well Daniel was unique. He had good punchlines and always waved to the tanks next to him. Ya know what? Scratch that. He couldn't wave because
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"Wouldn't we suffocate outside of water?" "No, because I have created the first reverse scuba suit!" And there it was(Again?). A fish sized suit of, what looked like a stainless steel fish with a water tank strapped onto the back. “Aw sweet!” said Jimio as he inspected the suit. “But where’d you get it Daniel?” “Well I stole it of course. From The Guy with Weird Flippers,” replied Daniel. (The Guy with Weird Flippers was the pet shop owner.) Alright so maybe the catapult wasn't all that funny, but I mean, the stainless steel reverse scuba suit was good. Okay! back to the story. They traveled to other tanks collecting fame, and paparazzi, and whatnot. The End. Happy? Nope. Actually- there was a major flaw in the plan the formula, HfoyV=frs, malfunctioned to 30xV= AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Stop interrupting! Anyways, Sorry. I had to stop him before he turned the story into math stuff. Alright, I’ll bring him back, geez. Oh wait. Hi again. Soooo the formula went wrong and the trip was delayed another couple days. When it was ready they- Heh Heh. I will now take over the story because I keep getting interrupted. Actually, scratch that. Matt can have a …show more content…
I’m Matt, and I’m not sure exactly what to do, but um, I’ll try. okay so Daniel and his friends were delayed, and they managed to fix it, eve under the pressure of the air filter. It kept trying to suck them in I’m serious! and emojis came and they attacked-. Alrighty then! Thanks Matt. Anyways, they were like super pro and they collected new stuff and they made super cool stuff like underwater fin covers and the tail cases like armor kinda. Yup. Matt? Okay fine. You can narrate for awhile. I guess so, just later. Ok, so eventually, 3 fish year's later (About half an hour), Catness was standing too close to the air filter and ended up getting sucked in. she traveled all the way up and down for about 15 minutes until Jimio finally noticed an inch long catfish swirling around the side of the tank. “Hey Daniel? I think I found Catness,” Jimio said to Daniel. “Mmhmm,” Daniel replied. He was reading about where you could find catfishes. And, as you might have expected, the air filter tube was not one of them. Actually, it was, but it was at the beginning of the book and he always skipped to the middle of the book. Duh.
Wait a minute. How do fish read books if their fins are going the opposite way?! I dunno. Who cares?Let’s keep going.So then the fishies had to try to get Catness out of the air

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