Creative Sources And Inspirations Of The Film Adaptation Essay

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Creative Sources and Inspirations

At some point in everyone 's lives, you have faced the dreaded blank screen or piece of paper when trying to generate a new idea. We have all stared into this abyss that is known as writer 's block, in hopes for some source of inspiration that will drive us into the next stage of production. When you stop and think about creative sources and inspirations, you begin to realize that we are in fact creating all the time; both consciously and subconsciously. This is created by our own experiences, thoughts, beliefs and intentions. Everyone has their own ways of pondering up a creative idea.

There is a vast array of creative sources that we have access to. Everyone has their own source that gives the best inspiration, such as music, film, nature and much more. However, before we tackle the creative sources itself, you must discover what is the hardest part about creating an idea. Is it the beginning, middle or end that is hardest for you to create? In the film Adaptation, Kaufman’s hardest part is finding a way to make the Orchid Thief movie creative and entertaining. He was trying to stay true to the ‘book’ but found that keeping the movie authentic would not mean it would make an entertaining or engaging film. His problem was finding an overall story structure and end point for the film. The seminar teacher Robert McKee, gave him the idea that finding an end of the film would help structure the rest of the story. This is one of many ways a…

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