Creative Problem Solving The Ethical Problem Essay

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Whenever we are faced with an ethical problem or challenge, we oftentimes tend to believe that there are only two options, either this or that and nothing in between. Creative problem solving in ethics tells us that this is not true in most cases, nearly nothing is only black or white. Creative problem solving is defined as a technique used to address an ethical issue in an innovative or original way. It is looking at a problem or challenge from different angles and thinking of creative solutions. This is an important concept in ethics because proposing creative methods not only helps us increase our range of options to an issue, but it also improves our understanding of the issue itself and also the values that may be involved (Weston, 355). The potential results of this technique indicates that it is essential for when we feel “stuck” or indecisive to take a moment to rethink the problem, get a fuller picture, get help, watch for suggestive facts, and brainstorm of new, maybe not so traditional, solutions; which may turn out to be more advantageous or suitable for the situation one is faced with.
The beneficial and powerful results of creative problem solving are demonstrated through two young men’s journeys when wanting to help with everyday issues using non-conventional approaches. Tristram Stuart, an English author and campaigner, was exposed to the dreadful truth about wasted food at a very young age. He did not realize the intensity of the ethical issue until he…

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