Essay on Creating An Effective Learning Environment

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Problem Prevention Plan There is not a set way in which one automatically becomes effective when managing their classroom. Nevertheless, there are different strategies that can be used to ensure that one’s classroom is “an effective learning environment” (Slavin, 2015, p. 272). One strategy that can be used to create an effective learning environment consist of constructing rules that will be followed in the classroom. These rules should be limited in number, fair to all students, and explained as well as taught to every student (Slavin, 2015, p. 279). Depending on the grade level, I would either write my own set of classroom rules, or if the students are mature enough, I would allow them to work as a group to create a set of classroom rules that will be followed during the school year. Classroom rules are a set of standards that need to be adhered to by every student in every classroom situation (“Creating and Implementing,” n.d., p. 16). According to Slavin (2015, p. 279), “one of the first management-related tasks at the start of the year is setting class rules”. On the first day of school in a first grade classroom I would go over my pre-established classroom rules that will be stated in colorful, easy to read writing on poster boards throughout the room. By going over the rules one-by-one, it will allow the students to know what I am expecting of them. During this time I will not only read these rules to them, but I will also teach each rule as we are going…

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