Creating A Fan Base On Human Beings ' Deepest Desires For Personal Connection And Communication

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Tassel (2001) claims that, “Interactivity is a fascinating topic that reaches into human beings’ deepest desires for personal connection and communication.”
Interactivity is a function that is used in digital Television. Interactive Television offers new ways to improve programme content with on-screen complementary information and other features such as choice of camera angles as well as on-screen viewer polling which is accessed through the Television’s remote control (Beattie 2004). Tassel (2001) addressed that, “Interaction is the way people create relationships, which are formed and sustained through repeated interactions over time.” Keeping the audience invented and entertained at the same time is key, it states to them that your work is great, entertaining and exciting, which will make them loyal to one’s own projects. Creating a fan-base is very important for success, it guarantees views for your projects.
The term is used by content providers, by creative people as well as companies that design and manufacture equipment (Tassel 2001). Interactivity has also been research in many other fields, including business, communication, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, ergonomics, education, human factors, psychology, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, computer science, information science, library science, linguistic and medicine (Tassel 2001). The term has also been linked with film, where films try to immerse the audience into the film and experience it…

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