Creates An Imbalance Of Acid Essay

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creates an imbalance of acid. To compensate with this imbalance the body speeds up its breathing taking in more oxygen and it also speed up the heart allowing the oxygen to be transported to the muscle faster. The human body cannot keep up with this for long. Eventually the heart and lungs reach their maximum work efforts and it can only neutralize the lactic acid for a short period of time. This buildup of lactic acid is what causes the muscles to feel fatigued and soar the next day. Once the acid production stops the muscle start to recover until the acid balance is restored. (citation). Something else that could happen when someone exercises is a change in blood pressure (citation). As the heart beats it pumps blood through many different blood vessels called arteries. As the blood is being pumped though the arteries it pushes on the walls of the arteries causing them to expand. As the heart squeezes to pump out blood the arteries expand causing the blood pressure to go up. As the heart relaxes the blood pressure goes down. So with each heart beat the body’s blood pressure rises and falls creating a maximum and minimum. The maximum is referred to as systolic blood pressure and the minimum is referred to as diastolic blood pressure. Within the first few minutes of exercising systolic blood pressure increases by as much as 20 milliliters and then it levels off after that. During this time the diastolic blood pressure remains the same. After a person stops exercising their…

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