Craig Lloyd Graham Case

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Nearly one month later, on July 10, 1977, Craig’s body was found floating in a nearby strip-mine pond that had already been intensely searched in the first few days and weeks following his disappearance (Flynn, Grace). An autopsy report determined that there was no definite cause of death, but then again authorities had poured fuel on the body at the time of discovery to “kill maggots” supposedly. This move disabled all ability to make determination of cause of death from tissue samples. The sheriff at the time, along with the grand jury, recommended that the case remain open (Flynn, Grace). After several years, Craig Lloyd Graham’s cause of death is still listed as unknown with no new facts or evidence to help find out who committed this terrible crime (“Craig Lloyd Graham”). Kimberly McClaskey was seventeen years old and eight months pregnant from acquaintance rape by two boys who she once considered friends. The afternoon of July 13, 1983, McClaskey talked about catching a ride fifteen miles to London Mills to visit her cousin and attend the towns festival (“Daughter’s Unsolved Murder Still Haunts Mother”). Elizabeth Murphy, Kim’s mother, pleaded her …show more content…
She had just dropped her husband, David Clarke, off at his job at Ladd’s Food Mart and went across the street to the empty laundromat to wash some clothes. At seven p.m. David walked over to the laundromat to see how she was doing. Upon arriving he found blood on the floor and their clothing in the machine. He alerted the police who came to investigate (“A Mother’s mission to keep murderer in prison”). The investigation said that there was a trail of blood from inside the laundromat to outside where it abruptly stopped making it known that her body was most likely placed in a vehicle where it then in time drove away (“People vs.

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