Essay on Courtroom 302

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Professor Chapleau
7 April 2013 Courtroom 203 My understanding of the court system has changed almost weekly from the beginning of my semester. I do understand things that I never thought I would’ve have known or even cared about in the least. The book Courtroom 302 has brought an even different side of thinking into this. The book goes into detail about the criminal court in Chicago. He watches all of the actions and different trials that come and go in the courtroom 302. He presents many different cases throughout the book which gives more insight then just a single case. Overview of the book: The book is written by Steve Bogira, who is a reporter for a newspaper is Chicago. He goes into the courtroom 302 whose judge
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He didn’t want to seem inconsistent with the sentencing so he was torn between what he should or shouldn’t do. One other case that stood out to me and that came up a number of times was that of Larry Bates. Bates was a drug user who had come before the judge multiple times. He isn’t a hardcore, everyday drug user and it seems to be that he really wants to be clean but with his past it’s hard. The judge after his first time there gave him probation, and even the second time he did as well. His third time before the court he gave him a chance to go to a rehab place. He did get his life straighten out enough to get a wife but ended up going back to selling and he went before the judge for a last time and got seven and a half years. The book touches some of the most important topics and gives an amazing amount of information and facts and real life examples of what goes on. To sit on the jury panel, you will have to go through a lot of different things to get to. The process that is used is voir dire. It’s the process in which potential jurors from the group are questioned by either the judge or a lawyer to determine their suitability to be on the jury. The person who is doing the question has to ask questions to be able to make sure the potential jurors are not biased and can have a clear decision when coming up with the verdict. When attorneys are allowed to conduct the voir dire, they often try to ask

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