Essay on Course 653 Lesson 17

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Lesson 13 through 16
Course 653, Business Research Methods

This lesson allows you to elaborate on the work you did in Lesson 12. Using the research proposal you developed in Lesson 12 as a foundation, choose a sampling methodology that compliments your original proposal. Do not include specific questions in your proposal. Use the structure illustrated below. The proposal will be evaluated using, in part, your use of the methodologies described in the text.
Restate the Proposition or a Hypothesis developed in Lesson 12
~ From the example in Lesson 12: “banana quality is falling”
Restate the variables in the study
~ From the example above, the dependant variable is banana quality and the independent variable is time
Define the
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Define the variables Independent Variable: The overarching IV that is going to affect the DV is budget constraint. The dollar value of each position is the how it is represented for Robins AFB. This is represented by the number of civilian positions that must be reduced. The most important IV is the number of civilian positions being cut. Dependent Variables: The strategic dependent variable will be the mission and how it will be met by the reduction in positions. The tactical dependent variable will be the PALT that has moved to the right, each procurement not meeting milestones because of a lack of adequate manpower to respond to them.

Population The population is the acquisition workforce for Robins Air Force Base. More importantly we are concerned with the reduction of the population and how this will effect the acquisition process. The parameter to be estimated is the total Procurement Acquisition Lead Time to put a requirement on contract. The increase in lead time to contract is the concern of the overall Management dilemma. Type of Sampling Non-Probabilistic: Snowball Sampling will be used: This is the best methodology , each where the information we are trying to collect and measure may be difficult to identify and may be best located the the experienced observer. It is also especially appropriate for qualitative studies. Since checking the current contract writing systems and record management systems

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