Courage : An Act Of Courage Essay example

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Every person on Earth is given the gift of courage. However, there are very few that take advantage of this gift. To be courageous does not necessarily mean to be daring or reckless. An act of courage could be as simple as saying a nice thing about someone. It is important to have courage because of the fact that our society is lacking courageous people. Without people who will stand up against the wrong things in our society, those who do bad things will never change their ways. Unless someone speaks up, nothing will ever change. So what exactly is courage? Courage is the ability to stick up for yourself and/or others. Courage is shown when someone stands up for what is right, perseveres in the face of adversity, faces suffering with dignity or faith, or feels fear and yet chooses to act.

Courage is often shown when a person stands up for what they feel is right. In the article, When A Middle School Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Was Bullied, The Basketball Team Stepped Up To Defend Her, a basketball player takes a stand for someone in a situation that he feels is wrong. He noticed some people in the stands bullying Desiree Andrews, a cheerleader with down syndrome, and immediately took action. He stopped the basketball game. Brandon Morris, Lincoln’s seventh grade coach, told Kenosha News, “One of the kids stepped up and said, ‘don’t mess with her,’” This seventh grader’s brave action led to the entire basketball team to stand up for Desiree as well. The school gym was…

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