Costs Associated With A Business Case Essay example

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of compiling this document allows you to briefly explain what the purpose of the project will be, costs associated with this and the benefits behind the project e.g. financial savings. To create a business case, often organisations have a template that they require you to utilise ensuring that you capture all needed information and enforce structure. Once this has been completed, this is given to management / managers who then read through the business proposal and examine the feasibility and benefits behind the project to allow them to approve or reject a proposal.
In order to capture needed information, business cases have specific sections that aim to capture essential information. Generally and in my organisation, the business case begins with two sections aimed at describing the background of the project, e.g. what system is currently in place, followed by a section explaining the pros of the changes that you are proposing. Extending after these sections is a specific request for in-depth reasoning behind the change / proposed project – this is to allow managers to clearly see why the decision should be made toward advancing this business idea.
AC1.2: Explain the stages of a project lifecycle
Maintaining a project involves the use of a project lifecycle, in this process, the project lead creates plans for what changes and advances should be made in the project and ensures that these stay on track for completion. Before beginning a project, the lead will complete…

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