The Cost Of College Education

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The debate over the cost of investing in college education and the benefits that is yielded from such investment has escalated over the recent past. Various scholars view the cost of investing in education to be so higher than the returns that will be generated from such investment. On the other hand, some scholars considered investing in higher education to be a prudent behavior since it is the only way the society can open up to the various benefits. There are numerous benefits when a parent sends their children to attain higher learning. College education allows the students to acquire extra skills than at those who remained at the diploma levels. The skills that are acquired act as an advantage to the person who possess them. Moreover, …show more content…
If you compare the rate of success between an educated person and a lowly educated person currently, you will find a massive difference. The current society we are living in today only recognizes a person to be educated when he or she has gone through the college education (Kane, Thomas & Cecilia 342). The college education system offers sophisticated training and skills to the students. On the other hand, when someone drops out from school or stopped at the diploma levels, their skill will vary a lot. Therefore, it is through the attainment of college education that the doors of success will open automatically. I do not deny the fact that even those who reach the diploma levels cannot get employed at various places, but you can compare the weight of those employments. According to Kane, Thomas and Cecilia, “the more education you get, the more choices and employment opportunities you get” (453). After graduating from a particular college, you cannot be compelled someone to be employed in an area that you don’t want. The doors that are opened when one acquires education brings a lot of happiness to that particular person. This is what most scholars refer to as the achievement of self-esteem through attaining the highest level of education. Therefore, it is worth arguing that one can enjoy a wider range of benefits if he or she acquires the college education. With these benefits, you can say proudly that college is worth its cost. The cost at which the parents will make their kids attain the college education can sometimes sound huge and so expensive, but after the completion of the course, the benefits enjoyed will surpass the cost at which the parents used in educating their children (Kane, Thomas &Cecilia

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