College Graduation Analysis

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No price can be placed on a college education. It may be the most valuable accomplishment of one’s lifetime. The diploma that hangs on the wall is highly valued by society, as it is a representation of your class and intellectual worth.
A college education requires money, time, and dedication. Students that come from wealth can often obtain an education from a more prestigious institution than a student from the middle class or lower. Though opportunities among college grads may differ based on the schools they attended, all college grads will benefit greatly compared to individuals without this higher level education. Beyond the prestige of a school, grades will play a major role in the future of the students. Though the diploma represents
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In order to obtain a diploma from an accredited intuition, students must be exposed to a wide variety of subjects. The bearer of a college degree will have some familiarity with science and math, art and literature, as well as global issues. Upon such exposure, individuals tend to view the world in a different light, which often enriches their life.
Specific area of expertise Another advantage to obtaining a college education is the ability to concentrate on a specific area of interest. A more specified area, allows the individual to be more knowledgeable about a specific subject matter. The time and attention dedicated to a specific subject allows students to build on thoughts and ideas in relation to their field of choice. This dedication enables individuals to become specialized and equipped with the skill set and knowledge that will prove useful to them in that subject
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Though it’s not an accurate measure of intelligence, society does often attribute superior knowledge and thinking skills to individuals that have attained one. in earning a degree, a student is exposed to a larger and more diverse world. To reach their goal of walking across the stage and receiving the decorated prize, the recipients will have first been required to step outside their comfort zones and explore new ideas. Additionally, the degree seekers will have experienced multiple years of exposure to a variety of personalities, ethnicities, religion’s, and attitudes from their peers and instructors. once in hand the highly sought college education will elevate their level in society. Overnight they will become desirable to employers’ and will be propelled upward in the social class system. As a result, in having their name printed on the fine quality paper, they will have the opportunity to earn higher wages and work in more luxurious positions. The college graduate not only learns knowledge, but also with this degree will acquire prestige and power. The time, money, and dedication required to obtain a college degree is the tremendous representation the treasured diploma reflects. The biggest advantage of earning a college degree is not the fine wall decoration, nor the lucrative job opportunities, but its true value is the life experience, relationships, and knowledge gathered along the way. These

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