Cost Effective Solution To Pollution Essay

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Harrison Showalter
Dr. Shope
English 1102
February 9, 2015
Cost effective Solution to Pollution
The United States has done a great job over the years in reducing the output of pollution. From the series of clean air acts pasted by Congress carbon emissions fell from 197 million tons to 89 million tons in 30 years. Even though the US has one of the most regulated and strictly legislated pollution policies in the world the problem has not been eradicated. Pollution is still a growing problem but not has United States should work to reduce the output of pollution, but contine to do so in an economically positive way, as well as environmentally approachable. Ecosystems continue to be effected and climate change is still present through out the
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It is true they do a very good job at cleaning the contaminated air. The same technology is existent on spacecraft and submarines to keep the air breathable. The use of such technology from scrubbing air is far-fetched, and way too expensive. Researchers found that it would cost $1,000 per ton to extract CO2 from the air as opposed to the $50-$100 per ton chimney system attached to a factory smoke stack. (Umair ). “We 're not saying it 's infeasible to take CO2 out of the air; we 're asking if this is an economic way to mitigate climate change, and here we 're very clear it 's not," said Herzog a senior research engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 's Energy Initiative. Not only is the cost a problem, the energy it requires to run such system ends up being counter-productive. It would need large quantities of coal to keep a system of that magnitude in constant running condition. The reason we have air pollution is because of the use of energy. Controlling greenhouses gases by burning energy doesn’t make sense. A more feasible and far more cost effective way to reduce CO2 is to plant trees, bushes and various …show more content…
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