Cost Accounting 13th Edition Chapter 1 Solution Essay

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See the front matter of this Solutions Manual for suggestions regarding your choices of assignment material for each chapter.
1-1 Management accounting measures, analyzes and reports financial and nonfinancial information that helps managers make decisions to fulfill the goals of an organization. It focuses on internal reporting and is not restricted by generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Financial accounting focuses on reporting to external parties such as investors, government agencies, and banks. It measures and records business transactions and provides financial statements that are based on generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Other
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1-8 The five-step decision-making process is (1) identify the problem and uncertainties (2) obtain information (3) make predictions about the future (4) make decisions by choosing among alternatives and (5) implement the decision, evaluate performance and learn. 1-9 Planning decisions focus on (a) selecting organization goals, predicting results under various alternative ways of achieving those goals, deciding how to attain the desired goals, and (b) communicating the goals and how to attain them to the entire organization. Control decisions focus on (a) taking actions that implement the planning decisions, and (b) deciding how to evaluate performance and providing feedback and learning to help future decision making. 1-10 The three guidelines for management accountants are 1. Employ a cost-benefit approach. 2. Recognize behavioral and technical considerations. 3. Apply the notion of “different costs for different purposes”.

1-11 Agree. A successful management accountant requires general business skills (such as understanding the strategy of an organization) and people skills (such as motivating other team members) as well as technical skills (such as computer knowledge, calculating costs of products, and supporting planning and control decisions).



The new controller could reply in one or more of the following ways: (a) Demonstrate to the plant manager how he or she could make better decisions if the plant controller was viewed as a resource

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