Essay on Cosmological Argument

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Explain how the existence of God may be proved by Cosmological arguments (30)
There are many arguments that can be displayed to provide evidence for the existence of God. The cosmological argument, also known as the first cause argument, is a posteriori argument. This means that the evidence used to prove the argument can be observed by anyone, which makes the argument more accessible and user friendly. The argument is also an inductive argument, which means that it can have many possible conclusions; not necessarily God. This argument is a strong argument, which tries to deduce the existence of God through cause and effect. It’s based upon the principle that everything must have been caused by something in order to exist.
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He also believes that the series of movement cannot go on to infinity, therefore there must be a first mover.
There are many different versions of the cosmological argument, however each is focused on a key question: why the universe began, why it was created and who or what created it. St Thomas Aquinas best and most famously puts the case for the Cosmological Argument forward in his book Summa Theologica. He provided five ways to prove God’s existence, the first three of which are of cosmological arguments.
Aquinas’ first way is often referred to as ‘motion’ or ‘change.’ He noted that everything that is in motion is moved by something else, things do not move or change on their own; therefore there must be a first mover. The movement, to which Aquinas is referring to, is the movement from potentiality to actuality. Aquinas uses the example of wood that has the potential to become hot. However, in order for this to become actualised, there must be an efficient cause involved; there needs to be the agency of fire to actualise this change. This argument is not relating to the beginning of the universe, it relates to the way everything depends on something else for changes to occur.

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