Cosmetic Surgery And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Some people are content with their appearance and other people get plastic surgery to change the way they look. Cosmetic surgery is just as bad and addictive as drugs. All humans are susceptible to addictions, certain psycho-social conditions trigger the need for plastic surgery. Plastic surgery, as an addiction, can be explained as a “search outside oneself for something that is lacking on the inside”, as stated by A. Suissa, writer of the article “Addiction to Cosmetic Surgery; Representations and Medicalization of the Body”. Cosmetic surgery in all cultures is on the rise. Each culture 's views it differently. Such as, in Venezuela, and Argentina, it is socially acceptable, and even considered normal to have surgery as a young girl. In Iran, the women use the surgery as an act of deviance because of the oppressive nature of the male relationship. In South Korea, there has been a huge increase in women in their twenties having cosmetic surgery. The women feel that they will be able to find a wealthier husband if they are more beautiful with the surgery. Also, the surgery is not regulated so it is more accessible. In the United States, historically women were more affected by body image. Today, however, the trend is on the rise for men to have plastic surgery. Another way to describe the addiction, as stated by Le Breton is “a way of filling a void or stifling a fear by means of a product or an action that procures temporary relief and response”.

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