Cosmetic Surgery : A Surgery Essay

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Why do people wear makeup? People wear makeup to feel better about themselves, which is also why they look to cosmetic surgery for it to be a permanent look. A few reasons why cosmetic surgery is done is to help their appearance, help one appear ageless, and to boost self-esteem. Women, men, and young adults tend to get this surgery. Cosmetic surgery helps people in many ways. However, there are many things to understand about cosmetic surgery.
First cosmetic surgery is the when a certified surgeon reshapes the body parts for a perfect shape for personal or health reasons to give the patients who receives’ the surgery the appearance they want. Over twelve million cosmetic surgeries have been preformed on women and men. (“Cosmetic Surgery”) There are several types of cosmetic surgeries. Three most common popular surgeries are facelifts, liposuction, and breast reproductions. During a facelift the surgeon will give the patient the look that is very appealing by removing wrinkles and the tightening of the face. In a typical liposuction surgery the surgeon sculpts a body shape that will best fit for the patient. This surgery is usually done on obese people to help with health issues. Breast reproductions consist of the surgeon removing fat tissues to achieve comfort for overly sized breast. Also, in a breast reproduction, surgery the surgeon will add tissue to the breasts to give the patient a satisfying look. Although cosmetic surgery is offered, there are many highly life…

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