Essay about Corruption Is A Major Problem For Developing Country

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Corruption is a common phenomenon not a new because of the whole world is enclosing in corruption which is the biggest threat to the development. Corruption is a major problem for developing country although it has been a burning question in Bangladesh. Today’s Bangladesh has become one of the most corrupted country for the reason that Transparency International found Bangladesh the world 's most corrupted country for five consecutive year. As a result, the general people of Bangladesh suffer a lot due to corruption. Now Bangladesh 13th most corrupted country according to Transparency International. So we can easily say that administration system of Bangladesh is going very badly as a consequence of corruption. Now it is an integral part of our administration system because when a person 's need service from public sector bureaucrat must take bribe which seems to us legal system. This culture exists from local government service to the peak of administration.

What do we mean by Corruption?
Corruption means misuse of public power for personal gain. In wide terms, abuse of public resource for private gain. It define as the institutionalized personal abuse of public resources by civil servant or unethical conduct by those in power. According to Merriam Webster dictionary "dishonest or illegal behavior of powerful people or something that has been changed from its original form. It means illegal work from the person those in power. Types of Corruption:
• Two types of…

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