Correlation Between Participation And Academic Success Essay

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The goal of this literature review is to establish the overall correlation between participation in school sport/athletics and academic
Altobelli, L. (2015, May 25). Does Participation in Sports Negatively Affect Academics? Retrieved
June 22, 2015, from

The author opens the article by relieving student athletes of their fear that athletic participation could compromise academic attainment levels. The author list a key factor in supporting her claim while listing a few sources and studies for reference. Additionally she uses interviews from student athletes to help support her claims. Finally, Altobelli briefly describes gender and socioeconomic differences and what the studies suggest in relation to athletic participation and academic success.

Rating: 1. This article made assumptions without providing research based data to back up the claims. Although, researchers were listed no link or data to identify the studies were given, the information was too broad.

Ayers, S. (2011, August 9). The impact of athletics on academics. Retrieved June 16, 2015, from The author uses Michelle Obama’s let’s move initiative as the need for increasing students physical activity levels. However, she draws significant concern to the problem of what curricular content should school…

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