Correctional Environments Offer A Unique Health Care Environment

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Care of Correctional Population
Correctional environments offer a unique health care environment different from typical community healthcare settings. This is largely due to the assortment of individual making up the population which varies in age, gender, and other health issues. It is important to promote health care services within correctional facilities to promote human rights. Although conditions inside of correctional facilities are not ideal preventive services are put in place such as screenings, immunizations, and treatment of various health problems. Resolving existing problems such as drug abuse, mental health issues, and illness can help reduce the likelihood of rearrests and promote effective reentry and prevent recidivism.
The correctional population can be defined as those who are detained in a facility such as prisoners or inmates in which they are deprived of freedom due to committed crimes and criminal offenses according to the governing law. There are various types of correctional facilities across the world. Correctional nursing can take place at facilities such as: jails, prisons, or juvenile detention facilities. Clients of correctional facilities consist of incarcerated individuals known as: inmates, detainees, or prisoners. The rate of incarcerated individuals continues to increase in the United States due to changes in legislation for example the “three strikes laws”. According to Zlodre and Fazel (2012), as a result the United States…

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