Corporate Social Responsibility For The Government Regulation

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By engaging in misleading CSR practices, companies can obviate the need for government regulation. Several corporations tend to engage in unethical behavior such as child labor, polluting the environment, or exploiting third world countries. Because of the increasing amount of socially aware consumers, companies can no longer partake in such nefarious activity. A variety of corporations would rather continue the dirty work they are doing because it is cheaper and more beneficial for their self-interest. In order to keep doing whatever they already do, companies use corporate social responsibility as a marketing strategy to fool the government. “Companies argue that setting minimum standards stops innovation,” the author explains, “that you can’t regulate for ethics, you either have them or you don’t” (What’s Wrong 78). This demonstrates that companies want to be independent and use CSR as a way to govern themselves. In addition, this reveals that corporations are trying to hold the government accountable for a company 's’ lack of production or creation. Companies are insisting that enforcing a minimum legal regulation will have a negative effect on their business because they will have a limit on their ideas and products. Corporate social responsibility is a disguise that businesses use to make their own laws and to stop government interference. This is significant because although the companies do make profits, they are not being productive members of society. Businesses do…

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