Go Green Campaign Case Study

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From my perspective, I believe that Go Green campaign could possibly return the investment in the future. It just has to take a time. Same as Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco chief, who also think that profit and environment can go together even though many businessmen and politicians do not think so. They said “You cannot make profit and go green” (The Guardian, 2008).
There are hidden advantages from the go green campaign moreover than saving the world. Sir Terry Leahy said if they are acting the campaign now, every dollar they spend can save about 5 to 20 times in the future. Tesco could reduce its carbon emission taxes from the project and cut the cost of producing in the future. Hence, Tesco sees that the customers are the big factor of project
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Tesco made a campaign “Green bag” to offer green points to the customer who do not use plastic bag. It could reduce the use of plastic bag or increase the number of using reuse-bag. This campaign is not only cut carbon emissions but production cost as well. Tesco also wants its customers to buy more green products to support its strategy and go green campaign which tend to help its supply chain to go green as well. The green point also is offered to the customers who buy green products.
Moreover, Tesco is saving energy in various ways moreover than using wind turbines and solar panels at some of its store, for example, using better insulation, low-energy lighting and new refrigeration systems. In cargo, they are also reducing number of empty van trips (The Guardian, 2008).
As information mentioned above, I deeply believe that Tesco is not only looking for saving an environment. I think they are planning to cut their energy cost as well including the carbon emission
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A green company can gain more customers from its campaign; people love to save the world or be the part of saving environment, especially when the company offers the obviously noticeable campaign that let the customers be the part of campaign as ‘green bag‘ as Tesco did.
Moreover, the company can gain more respect and good point of view from the communities. People will think that the company is not only looking for their money or personal success but at least also taking care of their community. It shows that the company is good. So, it could help the company keep its business in the market and help the company compete to others company which might be going green as well. As mentioned above, in my opinion I think this campaign can help Tesco gain a lot of consumer’s loyalty or even good interest about the green company. It even could help Tesco get away from criticisms and be a good CSR campaign at the same time. If Tesco could make a strong trust and respect from community, it might be hard for competitors to criticize in this way. People might think ‘At least Tesco help my community’ or ‘'even though, they are trying to save the environment’. Almost of customers do not think deeply what behinds going green company. They do not care that is it for personal success, to cutting cost or just a plan of CSR. Mostly, the customer priority think is what their profit which is the profit of

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