Essay about Corporal Punishment Should Be Legal

1981 Words Jul 26th, 2015 8 Pages
Every child, every parent, and every situation is different, the punishment that follows than should also be different. One way is Corporal punishment, but it is not a fix all, therefore should not be used for everything and all the time, but it is a good tool to use once in a while. Corporal punishment is as viable as any other form of punishment, all form of punishment can become abusive, not just corporal. Taking away the rights of a parent to use every tool they have from theses situation makes it harder to handle them. While not all parents should use corporal punishment, all parents should have the choice to make that decision.
To have an accurate understanding of the situation surrounding corporal punishment there has to be a clear definition for corporal punishment and abuse. The definition for these two terms is often different from person to person, while one person might see something as abuse another would see it as punishment. For this paper when it refers to corporal punishment it is referring to spanking a child with an open hand, done so only when the child has done something that deserves corporal punishment and not for no reason. Corporal punishment is the act of disciplining a child through short bursts of pain associating it to the bad behavior they committed, thereby conditioning the children to avoid the misbehavior. Abuse though is hitting the child for no reason and leaving marks, sometimes it is done intentionally and not accidently. Abuse can…

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