Icarus Company Core Competencies

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A core competency is about a strategy we compared with other market competitors in same fields. These core competency brought by Gary Hamel and C.K.Prahalad in 1980s. Basically core competency is mainly view of what are the company strengths at and they just look inside the company and then decide by what they can do outside the companies. Core competency is also to find the strength and the weakness of the companies to do the strategic planning to improve the company’s market placings. A process which is using some components in same machines and controlled by a person who has the basic training alone could not considered the core competency. These processes are extremely unlikely to generate the distinct advantage over the competitors.
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For some new employees they couldn’t adopt the working environment and to management culture, it takes time for them to get to know everything well and go through with the same preference. Second benefits of core competency are resources have two types that are tangible resources and intangible resources. Tangible resources are mainly for them to lend the capacity of the company and the status of plant and the equipment viewed by all the employees in the firm. Intangible help to create an organizations reputation and recognized widely the important sources of competitive advantage of many companies. Moreover, the third benefits is provides some potential access to a world variety market about us as a company must come out a new products or services to achieve some market targets. For an examples, why did Saga was founded such a powerful leaderships in supplying the financial services because to clear a special offers the brand focused on exclusive to meet the group of clients. Besides these, we also have some difficulty of imitation should be difficult for imitate. It enables you to prepare better products than our competitor’s products. Since always strived to improve the skills, meaning that you can maintain the competitive positions in organizations. For example, why does Dell have such a strong positions in personal computer markets. The core competency are very …show more content…
The way to not let our company failed we can follow the new trend by upgrading our company technologies. If our company follows the new trend our company might be can achieve with enough profits.
• Failure to understand the culture of the organization because every organization has different cultures will get to know. Every organization has a specific pattern how to behave in that environment. Some new employees are having some problems regarding the culture because not everyone can adapt to the culture around them. If like these happens the other competitors easy for the competitors to get the strategy of the organization.
• Failure to trust and support each other at the various levels of the organization. Not all organization members will help the new employees in their company. The management also not willing to listen about the employee’s ideas or suggestion they give because some management think it’s like over their level of works. Most of the companies are failure to trust and support the

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