Copper Created Lab Report

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Was More Copper Created?
Harshal Patel* and Isaac Cenoz Chem 111-491
Copper is one of the most important and diverse elements found in nature all over the world because it can be chemically reacted with many other elements and compounds. The purpose of this experiment was to identify the different reactions that occurred through the lab and the different types of reactions. Throughout the lab, copper was put through series of reactions to see the different combinations and how its properties were affected.
Materials and Method: The first part of this lab was to set up the apparatus to properly execute this experiment. The apparatus included a hot plate that was placed on the ring stand, and then a 50 mL beaker was put on the
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Then no more than 9 mL of 3 M H2SO4 was added dropwise until the color changed. Then 5 mL of distilled water was added to the beaker and placed on the magnetic stir plate. In small increments no more than 300 mg of 20 mesh zinc was added until the solution was colorless. Then most of the liquid was decanted and 5 mL of 6 M HCl was added to react with the excess zinc. The remaining solids were then rinsed with distilled water. Then a vacuum filtration apparatus was set by clamping a filter flask to the ring stand and using a hose from the fume hood. Then a piece of filter paper was put into a Büchner funnel which was attached to the filter flask. Then the water to the aspirator was turned on and the remaining solids were transferred to the funnel. Then the copper was rinsed with distilled water and kept on the aspirator to until it was dried. Lastly, the copper was put on a watch glass to weigh the amount of copper left at the end of the …show more content…
The change in the reaction mixture occurred when the temperature got to a 100˚C. The mixture had turned a very dark color. The mixture started out blue and it changed to an almost black color. The mixture was continued to heat for an additional 5 minutes and then it was cooled down to room temperature. When the reaction mixture was cooled, solids started to form on the sides of the beaker. The solids were black and chunky and there was some liquid left in the beaker. The products that were formed in this reaction by copper hydroxide were copper oxide and water. This reaction that took place was a

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