Essay about Coping With Death Is An Individualized Experience

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Coping with death is an individualized experience. Every individual must find their own effective coping strategies. Americans commonly use religion as a mechanism of coping. Religion helps people find meaning and comfort in death. Nurses must assess the coping of patients and help them find effective ways to deal with death. Student nurses are very unprepared for death in their chosen profession, and must understand their own beliefs about dying before they can help others cope. Caregivers are at most risk of ineffective coping due to their constant proximity to the dying person. In order to provide effective care nurses and other caregivers must have effective coping mechanisms in place. Keywords: coping, student nurse, religious coping, caregiver coping

Coping Mechanisms Used to Deal With Death
Coping, like grief is a completely unique personal experience. Some coping techniques work great for one individual, but could just make things worse for another individual. Every person must find their own effective coping mechanisms. Nurses can assist the patient, their family, and other caregivers to find effective coping tools.
Death is a topic that no one wishes to speak about, or deal with. Dealing with the death of another person brings one’s own feelings toward the mystery of death to the surface and forces them to think about it. Much literature bases effective coping off of the five stages that a person experiences in the process of dying: denial,…

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