The Importance Of Denial

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Denial is usually the first reaction that a person experiences when a sudden terminal illness is occurring whether in them or in a loved one. Most people will usually respond by saying “I don’t believe it!” or “Well, maybe most people with this illness die, but I’m going to beat the odds.” (p.#39 Callanan/Kelley) They refuse to accept the reality of the illness. The health care worker should be extremely empathetic towards the patient. Be kind and reassuring towards the patient. Most people question themselves “Why is this happening?” more often they feel resentment towards God. (p.#42 Callanan/Kelley) They do not understand why he would allow them to get sick.

People who are dying try to postpone the inevitable by bargaining
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A dying person’s grief has two different parts. The person dying is either mourning from what’s lost already to their illness such as their health, family role, loss of employment, or just the general loss of their independence. The second part of their grief is the thought of what they will lose after their death, such as relationships, life, and their future. Never make light or dismiss the feelings of a dying person. Comments such as “You’ve had a good life,” or “We’ve all got to die sometime” will make a dying person’s feelings seem miniscule and unimportant. (p.#50 Callanan/Kelley) Always try and understand a sick person’s feelings and emotions, most times they just need someone to vent about their feelings and fears. A healthcare worker should be someone that the patient can open up to. Advice is not always needed but just someone that will listen to a patient 's …show more content…
Nicholas was loved by many. Many of his friends had helped take care and support him during his time of being ill. Eventually his cancer became worse when he no longer could eat without getting sick to his stomach. A phone call everyday was made to his cook, at the restaurant to make him a meal. Christina his wife made a phone call to the nurse, she was very worried about the way her husband was acting. Christina and Nicholas 's wedding anniversary is on the Fourth of July, but it was early June and Nick was demanding Christina to get the sparkler cake. Christina did not understand why Nick was trying to celebrate their anniversary early. The nurse explained to his wife that possibly Nick knew he was not going to be around for their anniversary next month. Christina then called family and friends and they planned the party for the next day. On June 30th unfortunately Nicholas passed away. On July 4th, his and Christina 's anniversary, he was buried. Nick’s nurse was very honest with his wife. She told Christina her honest opinion and calmed her thoughts with the mere fact that Nick knew he would die. (p.#125

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