Coordinated School Health Programs ( Cshp ) Powerpoint Essay

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Coordinated School Health Programs

According to the Coordinated School Health Programs (CSHP) PowerPoint, there are five individual components which play a fundamental role in the aforementioned program. Each component compromises a separate goal to bring about effective health and physical education into our public schools. Additionally the CSHP, is determined to make school age children more healthy, therefore, more academically successful. Each component of the program is detailed below.
1. Family and Community Involvement
The presentation states that family involvement in their student’s academics has a direct correlation to individual student success. In addition, greater attendance and enhanced reading and math gains were ascertained by family involvement. By maximizing access to various community resources through teacher blogs, school websites, parent-teacher handbook or via a class resource center, parents are able to better serve their child’s needs. These needs may be health related and serve to better product the child, in turn, their academic performance. When parents have ease of access to information that can teach them about healthier lifestyle choices and proper medical attention, the parents are helping to ensure their family unit is stable and providing the child with the necessary keys to success. The community resources may include, but, are not limited to, nutritional and medical needs, dental care, and family counseling. Furthermore, may provide…

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