Cooper's Case Study Of Coopers

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Register to read the introduction… • Decentralized operation philosophy.
• Bottom-up strategic planning.

Managed linkages among different divisions of Coopers businesses
• Combining sales member from other companies to promote all products creating a small yet efficient sales team.
• Strong brand name for superior quality.
• “Cash flow is king,” implemented thinking in divisions to keep money on hand to be able to acquire businesses fast and efficiently if needed or opportunity presents itself.
• Production improvements based upon broader perspective of manufacturing plants they one plant can have.
• Established purchasing council negotiated advantageous prices
• New building and/or major construction products would be expected to purchases Cooper’s supplies.

Manage change in the businesses owned by Coopers
• Combining duplicate product lines to one division
• “Lean and mean,” cost structures while limited power of spending habits to lower level managers.
• Rationalized manufacturing facilities to close underutilized plants
• Consolidating sales and marketing programs to help develop a unified market identity and then construct showroom to display all of its products, train architects, designers, and to show off product
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They have great portfolio management skills with obtaining and releasing companies that is best for the stockholders. This means there is little agency problem that occurs in the corporation. Coopers is also great at creating productive manufacturing companies with little worries about foreign competitors due to high-quality products, technologies and management teams in place to direct uncharted directions. The only recommendation of change I have is for the company to have a greater appreciation of people currently running the acquired businesses. Yes, Coopers obtained them in a rundown condition, but the companies are still in business. That means the few people holding the company together could be lost with the “my way or the highway” philosophy of Coopers. This only need to be a small change, Coopers is good at identifying profitable parts of a business except mid and low level human based resources. Cooper should start an evaluation process of current workers and the ones that are a superior fit should be sent to a different part of the corporation to be trained in the Cooperization process in hopes they will one day become a greater asset to the

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