Physical Fitness Survey

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Introduction I teach Jr. High physical education. I feel like my students don’t do as good a job as they could in evaluating and improving in their physical fitness levels. I also wonder what their attitude is towards continuing on in physical fitness after the class has ended. I believe that using different learning strategies may help students to do a better job of understanding how to improve in their physical fitness levels and may have a positive effect at continuing on with their physical fitness after the class is over. One of the learning strategies that I am looking to incorporate into the curriculum to help students be more successful with their physical fitness levels is cooperative learning. I have developed a cooperative …show more content…
This survey will be 12 questions long. The questions will be combination of Likert scale, closed response and open response. There are seven question using the Likert scale, three questions that are closed response, and two questions that are open response. This survey will be given to students after they have completed the physical fitness unit using cooperative learning groups. The students will complete this survey in the classroom and return it to the teacher before leaving class. The audience for this survey is 8th grade physical education students at Wasatch Jr. High. The information from this survey will be used by the teachers at Wasatch Jr. High to evaluate if cooperative learning is an effective learning strategy for students to use in physical education class with the physical fitness unit. This survey will allow teachers to collect and analyze student’s participation in, benefits of, and motivation to continue in physical fitness because of cooperative learning groups. Teachers will be collecting quantitative data through using this

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