Cooperative Integrated Reading And Writing Essay

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Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition, or CIRC, is a reading and writing team focused, fast-paced curriculum typically implemented in second through eighth grade classrooms. As its name indicates, the program’s main focus is to have students work together in groups with varying achievement levels in order to learn from one another and achieve one main goal, to be successful in reading and writing. Instructors are provided with daily 90-minute lessons of direct instruction and group work that focus on story-related activities, explicit instruction, and the integration of language arts and writing throughout the lesson (What Works Clearinghouse, 2012). The purpose of these three principals is to improve reading comprehension, fluency, and achievement. Research has show that CIRC has demonstrated that it is one of the most effective cooperative learning methods for reading and writing (Zainuddin, 2015). Robert Slavin and Nancy Madden developed the program in 1983 at John Hopkins University as part of the Success for All Foundation, which is where schools or districts can purchase the program (What Works Clearinghouse). The CIRC program is now used as a main component of the Reading Wings program, which is a comprehensive whole-school reform program, and is also used in solidarity.
CIRC uses whole group instruction, peer assisted learning, and individual assessment in order to achieve student success. The teacher will give explicit instruction on what is expected of…

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