Cooking Is The Future Of The Culinary World

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The culinary world goes far beyond following steps to make a plate. When I was younger, I thought that this business was made up of dishwashing jobs and working long hours in the kitchen in order to pay bills. Little did I know that it was a whole other world filled with imagination and flavors that can only be created with dedication and passion. When cooking is done the right way, senses are opened up, cultures are brought to reality, and the true beauty of flavors are enlightened with every dish. To this day, in the culinary field, many techniques, ingredients, styles, and cooks are known. However, everyday that passes by, new cooks are beginning to rise from what some might call beginner jobs, with small salaries. These individuals should be known as the future of our culinary world. …show more content…
A cook does not see those long hours as a job that he has to suffer through. Rather, they see this hard work as practice to make themselves better. A cook walks into a kitchen everyday in hopes to learn something and gain the satisfaction of making someone enjoy a plate so much that it is able to stimulate their senses. Food can create memories of that moment or cause a person to reminisce about a childhood dish. Every plate has its story and that is what makes every plate special. A cook decides to plate dishes a certain way in hopes that when that plate is placed on the dining table, it amazes its audience. Being in the culinary field is not just about cooking and putting food on a plate, it’s more than that for the real cooks, it’s making people happy. This will also make themselves happy, in hopes that one day their names would be known as the greatest to ever do

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