Convention Center Weaknesses

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Thank you for hiring me at your convention center, it is an opportunity I thought I would never have. The training I received from you was affective at teaching me the rights and wrongs of the job. I would like to cover some of the strengths and weaknesses of the training I was given. The strengths consist of a lot of different aspects of the training I received, here are the top strengths for your training program. First, you did a great job at showing me around the building and letting me know the purpose of each room. I was then showed where to park and the correct way to clock in everyday for my shift.
Shortly afterwards I was introduced to some of the management that worked at the convention center, as well as fellow employees.
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So, the first week I got yelled at by another business owner for parking on the wrong side of the street. When I was shown the storage room, you just pointed out the items in the room, instead of walking me up to each one. When being shown around the building I was not shown the big garages in and out of the building or the main storage rooms we allow the customers to use. On top of that I was never informed that there is an entire upstairs part to the building. Upstairs hosts executive meetings as well as holds and additional storage room that we apparently use very often. A major weakness I observed was, the lights in the rooms. The lights in the rooms are not just simple switches on and off, but rather a very high tech touchpad system that required a password to access.
This proved to be a problem throughout the week when I had to apologize to customers, because I did not know how to turn the lights on in any room, nevertheless I was very embarrassed. Another weakness, was when being introduced to the staff and management I was not taken to the main office. I was only introduced to the people that just so happen to be working around us at the time. So, for
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I was never informed about what color undershirt is appropriate to wear. So, when wearing a red shirt, I got yelled at by another manager for not wearing black or white and she asked “weren’t you told what colors to wear”? I was also never shown the audio-visual room, where all the microphones and microphone cords are housed as well as other important cords and devices. This proved to be a problem since we use that stuff in every room.
On top of that, there are three other rooms next to it each serve a valuable purpose I should have

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