3.1 Identify The Importance Of Working For Children And Young People

Register to read the introduction… It is hard for parents to leave their children in an educational or care setting while they go to work, it is important that they feel confidant their children are in a safe, supportive hands who will help their development . Failing to do this is a gross breach of your professional values.
3.2 Policies & procedures that are in place to protect children and young people and adults who work with them.
Listening to children & young people listening to children is important you may hear something that may concern you. Whenever possible avoid agreeing to keep something a secret. You must always tell a child that you need to share the information (especially if a safeguarding issue is involved) It is important to that you record and report any concern you have about a child’s welfare.
Working in an open and transparent way it is important to think about the layout of your rooms. This is to ensure no member of staff is totally alone or out of view with a child. It is important to talk about different ways of working to make sure you are working in the most appropriate
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You need to be reassuring as possible. Using the correct anatomical language at the level appropriate to the child is important, when talking about the body you need to be aware of the many different terms used by people.
6.4 children and young people need to be empowered to keep themselves safe. Throughout growing up they will push boundaries and take risks. That is how everybody learns your role is to manage those risks without taking away their independence. Right from the start it is important children gain confidence and are able to stand up for themselves and speak up (say no and keep themselves safe and not putting them in a vulnerable or dangerous place.)
Anyone working with children and young people needs to support them to stay safe and help support their wellbeing you can do this by- * Understand boundaries they may come across(taking turns, being patient) * Resolve their own conflicts whenever

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