Essay about Controversial Issue: Sex Education

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Gary Au
Mr. Heape
AP English III
4 February 2009
Controversial Issue: Sex Education (Final Draft) Sex is major concern for aging youths and parents, as many find themselves wondering what they will do when they encounter with issue itself. Many schools offer an abstinence-only sex education while some offer comprehensive sex education. The problem is people conflict over whether to teach abstinence-only programs between comprehensive sex ed programs due to the belief that the latter encourages sex and the former is not instructive enough. Though the effect of each program is essential to consider, and it also critical to consider how receptive the program is to its audience. Ultimately, sex education is a field that should be
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The philosophy on comprehensive sex ed is that it relieves youths from being ignorant about sex and teaches them how to deal with it in case they decide to stray from abstinence. A major motive for this program is that abstinence-only education would not help those who are willing to say yes to sex. Many people (approx. 60%) who actually pledge to say “no” to sex actually change their response, proved by a study conducted by the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. “The more kids know, the more likely they are to say ‘No,’” the goal of comprehensive sex ed is to make the youth understand the consequences associated with sex in hopes off teaching the kids to avoid sex, not encouraging it. The most important aspect of comprehensive sex ed is the instilment of safe sex, practical methods that reduce the risk of pregnancies and STDs. These methods and goals are what make up comprehensive sex ed. Though both programs have the same main goals in mind, each group has opposing beliefs as to what each program could accomplish. Abstinence-only conservatives believe comprehensive sex ed actually promotes sexual activity through safe sex, while comprehensive sex ed liberals believe that abstinence-only programs leaves youths ignorant. A solution would be to make the program applicable to all teens via compromise. Teens will ultimately make the final choice, so it would best to create a program where

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