Controversial Issue Paper : Cutting Apush Courses

1520 Words Mar 30th, 2015 7 Pages
Tram Tran
AP Language, Period 2
20 March 2015
Controversial Issue Paper: Cutting APUSH Courses
In the comfortable suburbs of Golden, Colorado, school board meetings are normally sleepy events; however, at one session of the Jefferson County Board of Education, hundreds of people—students, parents, and teachers alike—lined up two hours in advance to get in. One man waved a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 at the board; two high school students hauled in cardboard boxes containing 40,000 signatures to a petition they had circulated online; another student told the five-member panel: “America was founded on what you are trying to prevent!” These people were here to protest the school board’s push for the end of state funding for AP United States History courses. More than four months after the entire community came together and students began staging walkouts in order to overturn this decision, the Jefferson County, Colorado school board has cancelled its review of the AP U.S. History course framework. People thought this issue would be dead and done, but recently the controversy has resurfaced in the Oklahoma state legislation. With a vote of 11-4, the state is attempting to ban APUSH courses on the grounds that it “only teaches what is bad about America.” These courses, however, allow students to gain a critical perspective of their country, criticism that is necessary in facilitating their own opinions—a very principle upon which America was founded—and not just the viewpoint…

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