Essay on Control On Owning Lead Gun Control Laws

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Control On Owning Lead Gun control laws have been in a high debate in the U.S for some time. Who can own them, is the government suppose to regulate them, should the government ban them, are all current debates that U.S politics debate over all the time. However, gun control is becoming more of a concern to the public, because of recent high crime rates involving guns. Politics have come into play on how the U.S is to impose gun control laws, either to make gun control laws more strict or less strict. We hear and sometimes learn about Gun Control commentary most of the time from politics through the radio, tv, magazines, and newspapers. Through these there is companies that publish these stories to the public, and have the intention of everybody knowing their story about the most recent news on Gun Control. Indeed, the public often likes to tune in on recent news about gun control politics, and all most all sources are a good way to find out the most recent news. However, there is a problem with finding news about gun control, and that problem is bias. All sources of news use bias. Why? Because, politics effects people 's opinions, which therefore effect owners ' of large medias news and end up with a bias report. Also, journalists, like all humans, have their own opinions on politics, and sometimes their opinions end up in news reports. Because, of this citizens of the U.S often get the news report on only of two views which is a liberals ' point of view and a…

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