Contraceptive Methods For Sexually Active Teens Essay

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In the same direction, medical professionals, gynecologists, primary doctors, and pediatricians, are particularly qualified to assist teens in the prevention of early pregnancy. According to the "American Academy of Pediatrics", "Their long-term relationships between patients and families allow them to promote healthy decision-making about sexuality." Furthermore, they can perform a dynamic role in helping their adolescent patients to prevent early pregnancy, by providing accurate indoctrination on contraceptive methods, and useful guidelines for sexually active teens ("Contraception and Adolescents"). For example, Dr. James Wilson, a pediatrician of "American Academy of Pediatrics", states that teens should be able to honestly discuss their health concerning topics with their physicians, and moreover, he affirms that all conversations about sexuality or drug use, for example, are always kept confidential. Additionally, doctors can efficiently help in preventing early pregnancy, by promoting extensive alternatives of contraceptive methods to sexually active teens; as well as, instructing them about the importance of using preservatives throughout any sexual activity ("About Teen Pregnancy"). However, even though some young people will decide not to postpone sexual activity, their responsibility as health care providers remains intact in this matter. At last, as doctors advocate for the welfare and health of young patients, they can effectively promote them with helpful…

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