Continuing Professional Development ( Cpd ) Essay

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The concept of continuing professional development (CPD) has been surrounded by theoretical and empirical controversy over time. Consequently, the definition becomes more ambiguous due to the complexity in practice, but the common one is that ‘ CPD concerns practices aimed at employees’ development beyond that derived from their initial training’ (Collin et al., 2012, p.155). Since it may not be the case that coaches can have the same access to formal qualifications as physical education teachers, Nelson (2006) replaces the term ‘initial training’ with ‘initial certification’. What is more, both formal and structured or informal and self-directed practices are involved in this learning process (Collin et al., 2012).

Taking into account the values of professional development mentioned before, Armour and Yelling (2004) state that CPD could be the solution to the problems of teaching, which tends to be an unsustainable profession. Correspondingly, a government document on CPD for British teachers was issued in 2002 (DfEE, 2000). However, just as Guskey (1998) contends, ‘more’ CPD does not mean ‘better’ CPD. Above all, the traditional CPD model focuses on courses about specific topics in a serious of days with no feedback or support afterwards (Armour and Yelling, 2002). Obviously, professional learning cannot be simply considered as a linear process. It has to be recognized that teachers have different learning needs and substantial…

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